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If you’re a skilled WordPress user, you’ve likely unnoticed web hosting your internet site with WordPress.com.

However, thanks to the release of the WordPress.com ‘Business’ plan, a few of the reasons why WordPress.com has been neglected as a severe internet host were overcome (consisting of the capacity to apply your plugins and issues, for example).

Not only that, but the business plan also includes a few extremely useful functions and functionalities.

Below, we’ll discover all the pros and cons of this provider that will help you to determine if this is an excellent host for your internet site. Plus, we’ll additionally check a few consequences from our impartial internet site load velocity assessments and overall performance tracking so that you can see how it compares to different options.

Those who’re contemporary to WordPress may be questioning why hosting an internet site with WordPress.com — a corporation deeply linked with the founding and improvement of the WordPress software — isn’t the obvious choice. Below, we’ll help to explain why that is the case, but additionally why — with the appearance of the business plan — a lot of the standard objections don’t follow anymore!

WordPress.com web hosting, and their business plan, in particular, isn’t for everyone, though. So, to make certain this evaluation is balanced (as all proper opinions ought to be, of course), we’ll additionally move into the cons and negatives of the provider.

Let’s begin…

The Main Features of WordPress Business Hosting

Before we get to the reasons why you no longer need to sign up with WordPress.com Business web hosting, here are a number of the excellent reasons to don’t forget this feature on your internet site.


Being able to use any subject matter you want or set up all the plugins you need won’t sound like a good deal to each person who’s hosted a WordPress internet site with groups consisting of Bluehost, GoDaddy, or SiteGround (study our contrast put up right here).

However, until recently, if you wanted to use the WordPress.com web hosting services, you were severely limited in terms of which issues and plugins you could use for your website.

Clients of the WordPress.com Business web hosting plan cannot only look for and set up issues and plugins immediately from inside their WordPress dashboard, but they can also add issues and plugins from their computer—together with the ones they’ve bought immediately from different sources, or maybe ones they’ve created themselves.

There are a few plugins that aren’t allowed, consisting of WP Super Cache, BackWPup, and Advanced Database Cleaner. However, keeping a list of prohibited plugins is a common practice among many managed WordPress hosts, such as WP Engine and Kinsta (compare our comparison right here), who also prohibit plugins that would hurt the service they provide.

Fortunately, the functions of the banned plugins, consisting of caching, internet site backups, and different optimization equipment, are available to you as a part of the WordPress.com Business web hosting plan. Because of this, you’re now no longer lacking in any crucial capability. Instead, you’re simply gaining access to those functions immediately from your internet host, instead of from third-birthday birthday celebration plugin developers. This may also be a benefit, because if whatever is going wrong, or in case you want assistance, you’ve best be given one corporation to deal with, instead of a couple of providers.

Everything’s managed for you.

Not only do they assist you to release your internet site, but they’ll additionally control it for you—or at a minimum, a few of the most critical elements of running a WordPress internet site.

In practice, this means that the WordPress.com team will do everything possible to ensure your website runs smoothly and securely. So, for example, if your internet site becomes popular all at once, perhaps after a piece of writing has long gone viral or your target market has regularly grown, more server assets might be seamlessly allotted on your website. This is all executed without the desire to improve your plan or circulate your website, as may be the case with a few different hosts.

You can also set the plugins you’ve set up to be robotically up to date (although, even if you don’t permit this function, a few plugins might be up to date besides if a security-associated repair is made to be had).


As a part of this controlled provider, your internet site is robotically sponsored every day. Restoring a backup and rewinding your website online to one of the backup factors could be very straightforward, and you could additionally download the backup documents for safekeeping.

As this capability is furnished through the top-rated VaultPress provider, additionally from Automattic (the corporation at the back of WordPress.com, whose founder additionally helped to create WordPress), you get the right of entry to one of the excellent WordPress backup solutions as a part of the WordPress.com Business plan. If you do download a backup, the extracted archive gives you access to all of the files that make up your website, including the WordPress database.

Another fine function of the WordPress.com Business web hosting provider is that you can view a list of the final thousand sports that have been achieved for your website online out of your dashboard. This consists of who has logged in, while and from which IP address.

Although not everything is recorded, many activities are, such as plugin-associated interest, content material addition and deletion, and other changes to your website. From the interesting log, it’s viable to rewind to earlier than a preceding motion was performed.

So, in case you’ve by accident deleted a page, for example, you ought to be able to efficaciously undo this motion through the interesting log. However, you’ll lose any of the alternative modifications you made on your website at that point.

Although the backups and repair factors may be accessed through your internet site dashboard, in case your website is down or unavailable, possibly because of a deadly error, it’s nevertheless viable to apply the backup capability to repair your website to a previous point.

While most internet hosts offer some sort of backup solution, this VaultPress-powered gadget from WordPress.com is the most purposeful and smooth to apply so far.

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